Kings of Red is a collectable, trading card game that includes token mining and fighting in battles.

The basic game consists of collecting characters from different clans, and one the main goals of the game is to collect all seven characters from each clan. The first NFTs for the game are expected to drop in October 2023.

There are a total of seven clans, you can choose to collect all seven clans or just focus on a few. You can stake as many different clans as you like. If you stake more than one of the same clan they act independently, their bonuses don’t stack for one team.


Herald means to “announce”, and the Herald NFTs act as announcers for the game. They will be the first NFTs to drop.

A Herald NFT acts as a miner and will produce food ($KINGSFOOD) every day for you. This is produced on a 24 hour countdown. The amount of food they produce is dependent on their class (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

They have a special utility for the early investors who manage to get one: holding a Herald NFT entitles you a whitelist for the ALPHA drop.


As the name suggests the ALPHA is the main Hero of the clan. The ALPHA generates the best rewards for the player and is crucial in the collection.

Every 24 hours the ALPHA generates two separates rewards, but you can only claim one of them. You will choose which reward to claim dependent on your strategy, each day is a new choice so you are not committed to selecting one specific path.

Your choices are TOKEN rewards or NFT rewards.

Every 24 hours your ALPHA will produce gold ($KINGSGOLD) which you can choose to claim. If you claim the gold you cannot claim the NFT reward until the following 24 hour period has ended. The amount of Gold they produce is dependent on their class.

Every 24 hours your ALPHA will give you the option to progress towards the NFT rewards. If you claim the progress point you will be shown 1/10 (1 out of 10 points).  When you claim the point the next day it will show you 2/10. When you reach the tenth day (10/10) you can mint NFTs. A Bronze ALPHA will mint one NFT, a Silver ALPHA will mint two NFTs, and a Gold ALPHA will mint three NFTs.

So if you claim every day you will mint NFTs three times every month. The NFTs that you produce will vary dependant on which clan the ALPHA comes from. All the NFTs will help in the battles against the enemies (PvE).

On top of all this the ALPHA also provides a permanent BATTLE boost to all battles your clan fights.


A FIGHTER is required to enter the battles. Battles will produce great token rewards and are an integral part of the game.


Players will need a FIGHTER NFT to enter into battles. You will need to pay a Battle fee in Gold Tokens ($KINGSGOLD).  When you pay your battle fee you will enter into the battle arena where you could fight against three separate enemies.

You will face the first enemy and click “FIGHT”. From there the battle is generated using RNG for a hit or miss with each attack. You and the enemy each have three lives. Whoever gets hit three times (i.e. loses three lives) is the loser of the battle.  If you lose against the first enemy you leave the battle arena with no reward.

There are seven different battle arenas, one representing each clan. When you enter a battle the arena is randomized. If the arena is of the same clan as your fighter you will receive a 5% Battle Boost for each of the three battles.

As you increase your clan and add more main characters, your permanent battle percentage will increase as well.


Your PETs need food to stay alive. You can top up their food to the max limit and leave them for a few days each day their food will decrease. If a Pet’s food reaches zero they will no longer be able to perform any actions.

Similar to the ALPHA you have two options with your PET.

A PET can be sent on a hunt every 24 hours to sniff out a treasure box of tokens.


A PET lays an egg (in the form of an NFT) every 24 hours which you need to claim. Once you have ten eggs of the same clan you can hatch that egg (in the form of blending). This will produce a crafted PET NFT.  A crafted PET can also be used to complete a Clan collection or can be sold on the marketplace to other collectors. A crafted PET cannot lay eggs, however it can hunt for treasure boxes.


A LADY NFT is another income generating opportunity. She ultimately produces a BATTLE BOOST NFT for a different clan to herself. This means that you are generating a boost that another player will want and you will want a boost that another player is generating. This is designed to maintain healthy player marketplace where everyone has the opportunity to sell and earn in an additional manner.

Alternatively you use this Boost for another Clan that you are collecting, which adds to your self-sustainability.


A weapon provides an automatic boost for every battle you enter. This helps you win more battles and in doing so, collect a lot more cryptocurrency rewards.


The BADGE NFT brings pride and inspiration to your clan and is used to intimidate your enemies

Like the weapon, it gives a boost to your BATTLE percentage.

It also produces Gold every day.

AND it prodcues Food every day.

A very useful card.

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