A platform that has garnered a lot of attention at the start of this new year is Seletti A.I which is basically and automated investment platform. In their words “Through the use of artificial intelligence, the platform facilitates investments for individual investors with low fees and minimums into a diversified portfolio of private real estate projects and/or high-growth private technology companies.”

Similar to a few other decent projects Seletti A.I stands out as a modern online investment platform, providing everyday users easy access to high-quality investments without the hefty fees seen in traditional channels.

Tailored for long-term investors, Seletti A.i takes a slow and steady approach, emphasizing patient growth over hasty gains. This is something I am currently enjoying in one of my other investments, Exby, which I explained in this article. I am currently earning around 0.3% ROI per day in that one. I see Seletti as a similar play.

With fees kept low, starting with just 50 USDT, and the ability to withdraw daily dividends, Seletti A.i opens up new opportunities for investors who are looking for consistent returns.

One of Seletti A.i’s standout features is its user-friendly design coupled with robust functionality. They have a bunch of meticulously curated investment portfolios crafted by seasoned professionals which makes it super easy for those investors who are not excellent traders. They also have an active Telegram group where you can ask questions and interact with other investors.

How to Get Started

  1. Go to the website

2. Connect your wallet (e.g. MetaMask)

3. Choose A Fund
(At the portfolio tab you will see all the investment funds currently being offered. Each fund is carefully tailored around a risk profile from low-high risk, along with a minimum and maximum investment value. After initiating a position, a user’s initial investment is locked until a user clicks the “Unstake All” button. A 15% management fee is charged on all dividends distributed from each fund.)

4. Claim Dividends
Dividends earned are distributed every 24 hours. To claim dividends, navigate to the home tab and select the “Withdraw” button. All withdrawals are subject to a 3% withdrawal fee.

5. Reinvest Dividends
You can reinvest dividends to compound your earnings. To reinvest dividends, navigate to the home tab and select the “Reinvest” button.

6. Unstake Investment

You can unstake your investment to get your initial deposit back.

The Seletti team feel that they have cracked the code for their investment methods: a proprietary screening and classification system act as the backbone, shaping every investment decision. No market timing gimmicks – just a disciplined approach that rides the waves of reassessment and rebalancing. The mantra is simple – invest for the long haul, focusing on sustainable projects with genuine value propositions. Seletti A.I doesn’t get swayed by market noise; instead, it’s all about the tech, the people, and building a robust future.

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