Can they be the Batman and Robin of Tech?

Cryptocurrency, in general, has been a bit of a rollercoaster. It’s made some folks rich, but also left some destitute and scratching their heads.

For some there is a definitive scammy vibe around it, especially after FTX’s faceplant under Sam Bankman-Fried. Turns out it wasn’t some high-tech wizardry, just a run-of-the-mill fraud.

Then we had the epic collapse of Terra’s stablecoin, LUNA. That was like the final straw, crushing the last bit of that “get rich quick” dream for some.

But wait, there’s a plot twist.

After the dust settled in June 2022, the crypto scene decided to be a bit… mundane. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the big players, got back on their feet. No more rollercoaster, more like a slow, sideways stroll.

Now, this raises some eyebrow-raising questions.

If cryptos stop being wild rides, will the scammers pack up and leave?

And if you can’t become a crypto millionaire overnight, will many investors think “why bother”?

First off, the negative – where there’s new tech, there are unfortunately always d-bag scammers. They jump on the hype train, ready to trick people because, particularly those new to the space.

And as for investors leaving because of no overnight riches? Most people will realize that cryptos aren’t just about hitting the jackpot. Blockchain, the tech behind it, is like the unsung hero. It’s more than just a money-spinner.

Blockchain can be best buds with artificial intelligence. They’re like the Batman and Robin of tech. For instance, transparency is vital. Many governments have concerns about AI, asking developers to share their codes. Blockchain? It’s like a superhero cape for data. It’s transparent, can’t be messed with, and everyone can check it out.

AI is growing faster than weeds in spring, but it has its hiccups, like chatbots giving out wrong answers. Blockchain steps in like the superhero sidekick – an automated fact-checker. It’s built to keep things real, verifying stuff like nobody’s business.

It’s like these two technologies were made for each other, dancing together in the tech wonderland. Blockchain and AI – a dynamic duo saving the day.

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