Two New Pools Added and Previous Two Stopped.

A while ago I wrote about Delta Ventures (see the full article here), a platform that generates profits by trading the investment pool. It has been one of my favorite investments of 2023 and has so far paid out for five consecutive weeks. I have only been re-compounding my profits and have yet to take anything out.

They have recently changed their structure to variable rewards, not unlike Wolf Capital who also made the change recently.

The New Changes

Following Delta Ventures‘ transition to version 2.0, new deposits are no longer accepted in the previous fixed-return pools, which offered yields of 0.8% and 1.5%.

Question: If these pools are no longer accepting new deposits do we have to move our position from pools 1 and 2 into the new variable pool?

Answer: No, you don’t have to. No action is needed from current investors, the pools will continue to function normally, just without new deposits being open.

The Variable Return Pools are currently the only options available to investors. There are two Variable Return Pools, one for USDT and one for BNB. The returns are generated through automated futures trading bots and are announced on a daily basis for both.

You will need to refresh your browser to see the new investment pools. Here’s what it should look like, I’ve highlighted the old pools which are no longer taking deposits.

Update in a Nutshell

  • Two new variable rate pools for both USDT and BNB with returns announced on a daily basis.
  • Deposits in new pools will not be subject to lock time. 
  • While they prioritize instant withdrawals, in cases where trades cannot yet be closed a delay of up to 7 days could occur.
  • The new pools will include a deposit fee of 2%. There will also be a performance fee of 20% (which is only taken from the generated profits). 

To ensure maximum security and stability for the investments, they have implemented an insurance fund that regularly accrues a portion of excess profits generated by the trading operation every week.

So, all in all, good news and positive steps by the team.

You can access Delta Ventures here.

Other Updates

  1. Get ready for the release of Kings of Red NFT collection. Each drop will have it’s own utility. The main utility of the first drop (Herald Drop) is that by owning a Herald NFT you have the ability to earn referral commissinos on the following Drop (the Alpha Drop).
  2. Ark price is down to 31c
  3. Drip price is down to 18c.

I’m not a financial advisor. This is not a financial advice, whatever you read in my articles are strictly for educational purposes.

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