Gala v1 is ending, get the new $Gala token.

Gala Games, which has a whole host of play-to-earn games, is set to launch GALA v2, a new version of their GALA token on May 15th. This latest token will replace the current token, and holders of the original token will receive the new tokens through an airdrop based on a snapshot taken on May 15th. Users are advised to remove all GALA tokens from liquidity pools before the snapshot to ensure a smooth transition.


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The upcoming launch of GALA v2 is a significant move for Gala Games. The new token will replace the old one at a 1 to 1 ratio, with GALA holders receiving automatic airdrops. Gala Games has assured users that they will work with exchanges to make the transition as seamless as possible, but it is advisable to hold your own coins to guarantee a successful transition.

I personally hold my Gala in my Gate account. Gate is listed as one of the eight official exchanges from where you can purchase Gala, so I am confident of receiving the airdrop swap.

GALA token holders on Ethereum will receive an automatic airdrop of the new v2 token. The launch of the new token marks a crucial step towards the full integration of GALA token and their GYRI chain. The new contract also boasts improved functionality, including enhanced burn mechanisms, better security, and room for future upgrades, offering an overall improved experience for users in the Gala Games ecosystem.

What is Gala and Gala Games?

If you don’t know anything about the $Gala token, Gala Games is a rapidly growing web3 ecosystem. In addition to their growing collection of web3 games, Gala Games has expanded into mobile gaming as well. They have also launched projects for distributing Music and Film as NFTs. Gala Games is building their own blockchain known as GYRI, on which all of their apps and games will live in the future.

You can check out the Gala Games website here.

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