Version 2 of the premium BUSD miner is here with brilliant new additions!

DinoBUSD quickly became everybody’s favorite miner, and already there have been many forks of it developed.

Mohammed (the man behind DinoBUSD) has just launched Version 2, and it is already massive!

In the first 30 minutes of launching the TVL rocketed past $100’000!

There are so many clever aspects to this new miner. For one: he also launched the brand new DINO token. Check out the new DinoBUSD here!

Here’s the Overview of it:

Investors buy their tokens from Dino Exchange (listed on the website) and stake those tokens in the mining platform. No one will be allowed to do the direct sale and purchase for now and instead staking has been made compulsory in order for everyone to get their returns.

So all of these futures are cleverly implemented to sustain the project, and it prevents pump and dumps.

In the future when there is enough liquidity in Dino Exchange to get it listed on other exchanges direct buys and sells will be enabled.

All staked tokens will be based on the old functionality of daily claims and then 7 days withdrawal cycle. Staked token will have a 5% of daily return until 50% of initial investment is recovered and then later it’ll be changed to UPTO functionality. (this means that once you have recovered 50% of your initial investment your 5% daily rate will change to up to 5%, depending on the TVL

This is also done to control the pump/dump & sudden TVL drop happening due to unforeseen circumstances. It also protects late investors.

What you have to do:

  1. Approve the amount of BUSD you want to spend on DINO tokens

2. Then Buy the DINO tokens

3. Then Approve the Staking

4. Then Stake the Tokens

The Cycle of Investment Summarized

All investors will have to buy the Dino Token from Dino Exchange and will be staked in Dino V2 Miner.

All staked tokens will have 5% daily ROI.

On your withdrawal date you will be allowed to withdraw either 2 % of TVL or 50% of Claimed Tokens, whichever is the lower amount.

As an example, if someone has claim of 400 Tokens (50% = 200 Tokens) for a week while 2% of TVL is only 300 then the investor will be allowed to take the 200 Dino Token (50% of claim) out of it and rest will accumulate for the next cycle.

Daily ROI will stay up to 5% till the 50% of initial investment is recovered and then it’ll change.

The table below shows the quick math on how exactly your investment will be recovered…

Additional Information

  • Dino Miner Offers 3x Return
  • Min Deposit — 1 Dino Token
  • Max Deposit — 10,000 Dino Token


  • Dino Miner will charge 6% deposit and 6% withdrawal fees.
  • 6% deposit fees will be allocated to both of developer and for marketing
  • 4% of withdrawal fees will automatically contribute to miner TVL and 2% will go to developer.
  • Token Channel Maintenance fees will be 0.02%.

Enjoy the DinoBUSD ride!

Additional Things to Note:

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  • I’m not a financial advisor. This is not a financial advice, whatever you read in my articles are strictly for educational purposes.
  • These defi projects are all high risk and high reward, only use risk capital and be careful.
  • This article contains affiliate links.
  • Most of these staking dApps use locked staking which means you can’t take out your original investment.


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Don’t have Metamask? Here’s how to set it up

The first thing you want to do is set up a Metamask wallet (if you haven’t done so already). Just open a Chrome or Brave browser and go to and click add Chrome extension.

Then you need to add the Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask Wallet.

Click Ethereum in your wallet, then scroll down to Add Network.

Click that and add the following details:

Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

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