Receive up to 9% bonus as a reward for compounding and sustaining the TVL

Wolf Crypto Miner (or WC Miner) is a new BNB miner which launched in August on the Binance Smart Chain, and I have just made my first investment into it.

It works similar to other BNB miners, but also has few unique elements that make it appealing.

How it Works

You deposit your BNB and in return you receive Wolf Miners who immediately get to work mining BNB for you.

The amount of Wolf Miners you receive is dependent on the size of your deposit; you can get so many Wolf Miners for a cheap price right now as the TVL is still relatively low, sitting at around 9.7 BNB, so there is still quite a bit of potential for it to grow a lot.

On average you will receive a 3.3% daily return on your investment.



What Makes This Miner Unique

Most BNB miners seem to follow the same template, but the newer ones are finding ways to differentiate themselves. So what is WC Miner’s secret sauce?

It’s all in the compounding bonuses.

Giving out bonuses for compounding is a super smart way to do it because a) the investor receives more for his investment and b) the TVL is sustained longer making the project more viable and appealing: win-win!

Here’s how the bonuses work:

In your first week of investing, if you make zero withdrawals and compound daily you will have an extra 3% bonus added to your initial deposit amount.

In your second week of investing, if you make zero withdrawals and compound daily you will have an extra 5% bonus added to your initial deposit amount.

In your third week of investing, if you make zero withdrawals and compound daily you will have an extra 7% bonus added to your initial deposit amount.

And in your fourth week of investing, if you make zero withdrawals and compound daily you will have an extra 9% bonus added to your initial deposit amount.

About the Team

The team was actually formed by a mutual frustration over the amount of rugpulls in the defi space. They were sharing their disappointments over losing funds to unscrupulous devs and then they decided to do something about it. So they built this Wolf Crypto Miner in an attempt to provide an honest project that would fulfil its promises.

They are active on Discord, Telegram and Twitter and you can find links to all of those on their website.

Taxes, Fees and Figures

Earn: you can claim an average of 3.3% every single day.

Deposit: 2% fee

Withdraw: 7% fee (2% of this goes to the devs and owners)

Compound: 5% fee (all of this goes to marketing and you only pay it once a day, even if you compound more than once per day)

Minimum Investment: 0.01 BNB (approximately $2.80)

Maximum Investment: No max limit


At the moment every good miner is employing tactics to make their project more sustainable and not have the TVL drained.

As mentioned above WC Miner’s main methods for this are handing out enticing compounding rewards as well as implementing taxes that support the TVL.

Their third method is their Lottery. They have three different lottery options which are blockchain embedded lucky draws and they will occur every 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours.

You can have unlimited lottery entries, here are the different options:

  • 6-hour Lottery: The minimum per entry is 0.02 BNB
  • 12-hour Lottery: The minimum per entry is .05 BNB
  • 24-Hour Lottery: The minimum per entry is 0.1 BNB

Every lottery winner will get 72% of the pool and 20% goes into the contract sustaining growth for both winners and investors. The remaining 8% goes to the marketing budget.


Wolf Miner was audited by Encrypto Security, who passed them with no issues other than to alert users that would not be able to withdraw their initial investment (as per usual for most of these miners) and only withdraw the profits.

While this has been a sponsored article I am an investor in the project and am hoping it will be a successful one.

Additional Things to Note:

  • My two best investments recently have been have been Furio and Wealth Mountain
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  • This has been a sponsored post.
  • These defi projects are all high risk and high reward, only use risk capital and be careful.
  • This article contains affiliate links.
  • Most of these staking dApps use locked staking which means you can’t take out your original investment.


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Don’t have Metamask? Here’s how to set it up

The first thing you want to do is set up a Metamask wallet (if you haven’t done so already). Just open a Chrome or Brave browser and go to and click add Chrome extension.

Then you need to add the Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask Wallet.

Click Ethereum in your wallet, then scroll down to Add Network.

Click that and add the following details:

Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

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