TVL is now up to $1.7 million!

In Wealth Mountain I have just reached 250% ROI in both my BUSD stake on Binance Chain and in my USDC stake in Polygon Chain. I am still in the early stages of my USDC deposit on the ETH chain.

=== you can read my first article on Wealth Mountain here, where I explain all the details and about making my first deposits into the protocol.

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I haven’t yet made investments on the Phantom and Avalanche networks.

A Flexible Plan

My initial plan was always just to try get to 40 days staked with a reward of 160% ROI. In the early days I was thinking 40 days can sometimes feel like an eternity in defi as you never know if a project will last that long. However, the longer I stayed in the more my confidence in the team grew and eventually I made the decision to keep my deposit in until the max payout. You can have a look at Wealth Mountain dApp here.

In the moments leading up to my max payout

And then the Magical Moment…

as I hit the 250%! And I was able to withdraw 2.5x my deposit.

Double Bonus

For me the the double Bonus was investing on two chains initially; I deposited BUSD on the BSC and USDC on Polygon. Both deposits just hit their max payout so I was able to recoup a great reward.

I will be leaving my initial deposit in both chains and will begin compounding them as I look to change strategies a bit.

More Funding for the TVL

They have just launched the Wealth Combinator which “is the DeFi investment support arm of the Wealth Mountain protocol. The goal of this division is to help facilitate growth in the DeFi space where guidance is lacking! Through Wealth Combinator, you can turn your vision into a reality by taking advantage of the Wealth Combinator framework.”

They have also built a new website with all the details on the project and it looks great. So the future of the project is looking very strong.

Quick Update on Recent Articles

Mango Miner — I have successfully made my first withdrawal and the TVL is holding steady.

BUSD Automine — TVL is growing steadily and is now over $200’000.

DinoBUSD — version 2 is here and is looking to be a major force.

WC Miner — a new BNB miner with a low TVL making it a favorable time to invest.

Additional Things to Note:

  • My two best investments recently have been have been Furio and Wealth Mountain
  • You can join my Telegram group here .
  • You can see all my articles here.
  • I’m not a financial advisor. This is not a financial advice, whatever you read in my articles are strictly for educational purposes.
  • These defi projects are all high risk and high reward, only use risk capital and be careful.
  • This article contains affiliate links.
  • Most of these staking dApps use locked staking which means you can’t take out your original investment.


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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, the information in this article is for educational purposes only. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose. I disclaim any liability or loss incurred by any person who acts on the information, ideas, or strategies discussed in my articles. Do Your Own Research.

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