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Since the beginning of May I have made quite a few defi investments after giving the space a bit of break. Here’s a quick round-up summary of which platforms have been performing well and which haven’t.

For each platform I’ll include a link to my original article so if you need additional information on it you can read the full-length article.

Delta Ventures

Original full article here:

Cautiously, this is my current favorite investment…

Brief info:

  • Compounding doesn’t reset your counter, only new deposits do.
  • Devs promised to do an AMA soon.
  • I invested in Pool 2 which promises 1.5% daily. After my first 9 days I have made a return of 14% which is pretty much exactly spot on. I have reinvested (compounded) these rewards back into my investment.

Have a look at Delta Ventures here.

From the dev team:

“Some users also asked why did we choose a 45 day cooldown period (during which you can still withdraw, but with a 50% fee instead of the normal 10%).

We chose to do this because the bots may experience drawdowns from time to time, but they should never last more than a month. Considering this 45 days is on the safe side and it allows us enough time to generate profits for everyone in the project. For a classic fund the lockup is usually 1 year at best, so we’d say 45 days is pretty much nothing. 

People are used to claiming rewards all the time but they have to understand that in this case the rewards are not coming from other users, but from a real trading operation and it’s just how it works.”

Green Figures

Original full article here:

Brief info:

  • The first week finished with a profit of 5.53%, which means the goal of making 1% per day is just about spot-on.
  • Rewards are paid every Saturday.
  • After my first week I earned rewards of 5.53% of my initial deposit. I have compounded this to grow my investment.

Have a look at Green Figures here.

Binance Wealth Matrix

Original full article here:

Brief info:

  • I invested when the TVL was on the way up and they payouts were perfect; hitting 1.5% every 12 hours. However, now that TVL is on the way down, the payouts have dropped down to a tiny percentage, but they are still paying out – approximately 0.75% daily.
  • This team has big plans; they are launching a Money Market soon, they have a Trading Bot coming soon, they have released NFTs that give bonuses and they are launching a Trinity Token. All of these aspects help the $CLIMB price as they burn the tokens.
  • They have changed the compounding process so now you have to claim and then reinvest. This ultimately helps the $CLIMB price increase which is better for your investment.

Have a look at BWM here.

From a BWM investor:

“The percentage is dropping for everyone at the moment; however, it will be dropping a lot more for the people who are just withdrawing and not redepositing.

At some point, those players will either get rekt or have to invest new capital. At that point, you’ll see the decline in TVL start to reverse. Then, you’ll be able to start reaping the rewards.

I know it’s a bit disheartening to see your rewards getting less and less each day, but when it reverses, if you’ve been investing your profits back in, you’ll be golden because you’ll then be ahead of the players who just withdrew all their funds at a low price.

Think of the place we’re at now like an accumulation phase: now is the time to buy, not sell.

Profitable investors don’t sell when the market is down and it’s the same in a miner contract: profitable miners don’t sell when the TVL is down.”


Original full article here:

Brief info:

  • I made one initial investment and was able to successfully withdraw my 144% ROI seventeen days after the deposit.
  • I have subsequently made another three deposits on various days with various amounts. I am still waiting for those to unlock so I can withdraw my profits.

Have a look at C12 here.

I’ve heard many people say they are concerned that this one is a scam. Who knows? I can’t guarantee anything about it; I have only used risk capital and so far it is working fine for me, and I like it.

BNB Miner – (the real one)

I have been in this project for exactly a year and it is still going strong, I ROI’d a long time ago and I continue to compound growing my miners; I now have a few trillion.

There is still well over $120’000 in the TVL.

Check out BNB Miner here.


The ARK price has dropped significantly I don’t see any way back for it. It hasn’t quite hit the depths of Drip and Furio, but it’s on its way there; getting close to useless.

ARK price is sinking

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As always this is not financial advice, just findings based on my research. Remember to only use risk capital.

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  • These defi projects are all high risk and high reward, only use risk capital and be careful.

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