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Myria, a blockchain-based game company, has recently announced an exciting new NFT airdrop campaign for the Alliance Keys – an element in their title game. This campaign is aimed at rewarding players who participate in various easy activities, such confirming your email address or following the game developers on Twitter etc.

The more tasks a player has completed, the more NFTs they can claim. Each NFT will represent a specific character or element in the game and will have its own set of unique attributes, making them highly sought after by collectors and players alike.

The Myria team has expressed their excitement about the NFT airdrop and the positive impact it will have on the game and its community. They have also promised to continue exploring new and innovative ways to use blockchain technology and NFTs to enhance the gaming experience for their players.

NFT Drop

These NFT can be claimed completely FREE, without any deposit or purchase. You will just need to connect your wallet and be on the Ethereum Mainnet (you will need small amount of Eth in your wallet for gas fees).

How to Claim your Free NFTs

  1. Go to the NFT drop page here.

2. Connect your Wallet on the Ethereum Mainnet.

3. Start completing the various tasks. You can choose which tasks you want to do, and the more you complete the more, and better, NFTs you can claim.

The Myria Token

MYRIA is an ERC-20 utility token, fully audited by Hacken. The token is used for transactions on Myria’s
Layer 2 (L2) scaling protocol. Lightning fast, with zero gas fees,
Myria is a rapidly growing hub for high-quality global gaming projects that need secure scaling solutions minus the gas fees and congestion.

MYRIA will be distributed to ecosystem builders and contributors, node operators, and other participants creating a circular economy between all users to facilitate and accelerate ecosystem growth.

Myria has been built by an all-star team of over 150 people, united with a common vision of revolutionizing gaming with blockchain technology.


Overall, the Myria NFT airdrop campaign is an exciting development in the world of blockchain-based gaming. It represents a new way for players to earn valuable rewards while also promoting the use of blockchain technology and NFTs in various industries.

As always this is not financial advice, just findings based on my research. DeFi can always be risky, even in airdrops.

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