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A while ago I wrote about one of my favorite play-to-earn games, Castles NFT. It’s a great game, with a very clever tokenomic system, and is hosted on the Wax blockchain. Now the creators of Castles NFT, Metasource Games, have created a brand new game: Farmer Pets.

There are two massive NFT drops coming up very soon; I have all the details later on in the article, but first I want to look at the actual game itself.

The Team behind the Game

As I mentioned, I have been a Castles player since February 2022 and when it comes to this project the team is one of the most important aspects of the game as, in my opinion, they are completely trustworthy; they are fully doxxed and often do live AMAs and are always available in the Discord channel to answer questions i.e. there will be no rugpulls in this project.

The Game

In Farmer Pets, players are tasked with managing a pet food farm using three key resources and tools:

  • pet food
  • wood
  • silver

By utilizing land plots, players can specialize in their preferred resources and tools, making farming life much easier.

As the game progresses beyond its initial launch, players will have the opportunity to collect pets, accessories, and build out their world.

Tools, Resources and Land

Land, Tools and Resources are all NFTs; elements in the game that you actually own. There are three types of tools and these each produce their own resource:

A Harvester produces Food, a Chainclaw produces Wood and a Silver Mine produces Silver.

(Technically resources are stored as points in the game, but you can export them to NFTs for trading on the secondary market).

Each tool can claim once every 24 hours. There will be a global reset time daily at which all tools can be used again by players. Each claim costs food and uses durability.

You can reduce your recharge and repair costs, by using land plots! Stake 5 tools to a land plot to take full advantage!

There is no limit to the amount of resources you can hold.

The food cost and durability cost of a tool is determined by its land plot ranking. To get land plot ranking bonuses, equip your tool to a land plot. The bonus only works for the tools equipped, so if you have 10 harvesters and you want the full discount for all of them, you will need 2 harvester lands.

A tool with the best land plot rank gives the best discount, example: a wood tool equipped to a fully staked land (has 5 tools total) only consumes 22 food and 5 silver per durability point.

To get land plot ranking bonuses, equip your tool to a land plot. The bonus only works for the tools equipped, so if you have 10 harvesters and you want the full discount for all of them, you will need 2 harvester lands. To equip (or stake) and unequip (unstake) a tool to/from a land it must have all its tools fully repaired.

How to get the Tools and Land

Lands and Tools will be dropped in an initial sale (more information on this later in the article, afterwards they can be crafted. They are tradeable NFTs that are staked when used and can be unstaked. Crafting costs will increase over time.

Limited Edition Tools

There will be two types of limited edition tools in the drops. Limited edition tools have a scarce, fixed supply and cannot be crafted. They are:

Diamond Tools: +10% Yield Bonus

Gold Tools: +5% Yield Bonus

Land Type Specialization

Each land is associated with a tool type such as food, wood or silver. Only tools matching the land type can be staked to it.

The cost to craft new tools increases over time, determined by the global PACKS crafted.

Each newly crafted tool comes in a mystery pack. The chance is:

50% food tool

30% wood tool

20% silver tool

Crafting a land plot creates a random land NFT. The odds are:

Food Land plot: 50%

Wood Land plot: 30%

Silver Land plot: 20%

Seasons in the Game

Seasons impact the flow of the game economy for all players. Seasons move in two week cycles and complete after a full 8 weeks, resetting the cycle from Winter to Spring. You can always tell what season it is in the game menu. The Game starts officially in Summer.

The table for the seasons and their effects are below:


Unlike other games, none of the tokens generated by Farmer Pets are ever sold by the developers to pay for development costs – all in-game tokens are simply burned.

All resources used to craft, repair or recharge are burned by the game and taken out of circulation.

Packs and tools will have a specific limited supply:

So that’s all about the game, here are all the details about the drops and how to be one of the first to get the NFTs to start playing Farmer Pets…

The NFT Drop and How to Get Your Lands and Tools

You will need a Wax wallet and $WAX in the wallet to buy the packs. I use Gate to fund my Wax wallet.

Friday April 28th @11AM PT — “Early Access Drop”

Make sure you go here to the official drop page, and connect your Wax wallet.

  • Game Launches this same day.
  • Available during this drop will be: Diamond Land Bundle (Includes 5 diamond tools and 1 land) for $35. Diamond Tool Pack (Includes 3 diamond tools) for $14.
  • Diamond tools are the best in the game, granting a +10% Yield Bonus. They cannot be crafted.
  • There will be a 5 minute whitelist head start with a separate limited supply. Automatically be on the whitelist by owning in your wax wallet a Baron OR Castle Mythic Land from our other top 30 blockchain game, Castles NFT.

If you miss out on 28 April you will have one more chance to get some packs on 5 May…


Again, make sure you go here to the official drop page, and connect your Wax wallet.

  • Available during this drop will be the final supply of: Diamond Land Bundle (Includes 5 diamond tools and 1 land) for $35. Diamond Tool Pack (Includes 3 diamond tools) for $14.
  • Larger supply than the drop on the 28th.


  • Gold Packs contain gold tools each with a slight chance for diamond tools. Gold Land Bundle (Includes 5 gold tools and 1 land — 20% chance for a tool to be diamond) for $35. Gold Tool pack (Includes 3 gold tools, 20% chance for a tool to be diamond) for $14.
  • This is the only drop where land packs are sold separately.
  • The last of our launch drops

Keep in mind some general tips that can help you during drops:

  • Be prepared: Make sure you have the necessary funds and tools (such as a good internet connection) to participate in drops.
  • Follow the game’s social media channels: The Farmer Pets team often announces drops on their social media accounts, so make sure to follow them to stay up-to-date.
  • Be patient: Drops can be competitive, and it’s not always easy to obtain rare pets. Don’t get discouraged if you miss out on a drop; there will be more opportunities in the future.

The Future of the Game

After the launch of the first phase, the team will focus on adding more features and content to the game, including new types of pets, mini-games, and social features. The team also plans to expand the game’s ecosystem by integrating with other blockchain-based projects and platforms.

In the long term, the Farmer Pets team aims to create a fully decentralized game that is owned and controlled by the community of players. This will involve the development of new governance mechanisms that allow players to vote on important decisions and shape the future of the game.


Farmer Pets is an exciting new game that combines blockchain technology with the joy of pet ownership. With a clear vision and roadmap for the future, the game is poised for success and is sure to attract a passionate community of players.

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