One of my Splinterlands battles

Splinterlands has become my favorite play2earn blockchain game. I’ve been playing it on and off for about two years, but recently have become excited about it again and I now play it every day.

It has a low barrier to entry with it only costing $10 to start. You can then use the free cards to play, or you can buy your own “monsters”. All your playing cards are NFTs which you can rent out to other players or sell on the marketplace.

The main gameplay is PvP battle.

PVP Battle — Red King

After each battle you earn rewards, usually in the form of $SPS which can be used to purchase in-game assets, staked in the game or traded through Metamask.

Each day you receive a “Focus” which is a quest for that day. At the end of that day you receive a number of chests depending on how well you did. These chests contain rewards most of which have some monetary value.

And then at the end of the season (14 days) you receive a larger number of chests, again depending on how many battles you’ve won.

Some of my season rewards including a number of NFTs

You can also challenge a friend to a match, so come join and have a game with me.

How to Get Started

  1. Go to Splinterlands, then click on SHOP in the top left. Purchase a Summoner’s Spellbook for $10.

The Summoner’s Spellbook creates a wallet on the Hive Blockchain — allowing your account to hold assets and earn rewards. can be purchased using a variety of payment methods. These payment methods include Paypal and a multitude of cryptocurrencies. These include Hive, SPS, HBD, and WAX.

Different Options to Purchase:

One of the many crypto options to buy a Spellbook is via HIVE. You can get HIVE through various exchanges, some of which are listed on

Purchasing a Spellbook Using Hive Keychain or HiveSigner

If you already have a HIVE account, you will need some HIVE in your wallet and the ability to approve a transaction with your Active key.

Step 1: Buy some HIVE on any exchange.

Step 2: Withdraw the HIVE to your Hive wallet that you will use to pay. If you don’t have one, you can create one here. Your username is your Hive wallet address.

Step 3: Import your HIVE account into Hive Keychain.

Step 4: Initiate a new Spellbook purchase for HIVE tokens and confirm it via Keychain or Hive-Signer.

Purchasing a Spellbook Directly via Exchange Withdrawal

If you don’t want to create an extra HIVE account, there is an option to make a purchase directly via a HIVE withdrawal from an exchange.

Step 1: Buy some HIVE on any exchange.

Step 2: Start a new purchase in-game and write down the following three items:

Destination Wallet (The account where you will send the funds): steemmonsters (all lower-case, no @ symbol). Misspelling this will result in lost funds, so be very careful and review your transaction before sending.

Amount (Will be calculated when you start the purchase): ≈$10 worth of HIVE.

Memo (RANDOMLY generated for each purchase)It will look something like P-0A1B2C3D4E, but it will be different each time you make a purchase, so do not re-use these.

Step 3: Make a withdrawal from the exchange to steemmonsters, for the amount specified, and with the correct memo. Make sure you factor in the transfer fees to avoid unnecessary delays.

Once the payment gets approved you will have your Spellbook credited to your account. You will get access to the various features the Spellbook unlocks, as well as the ability to request your keys if you started this process with a ‘lite’ account. This will also prompt you to choose your custom username.


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