Land ownership. Passive income. Fun. And it’s NOT Axie.

Whenever I read about the “best” Play-to-Earn (P2E) games there is pretty much always the same games mentioned: Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Farmer’s World etc. And don’t get me wrong, I made decent profits in Axie and Farmer’s World, but those games suck at the moment (in my opinion) and I’ve enjoyed branching out into other games.

I have a Top 10 list of my favorite P2E games, there are a few things I considered for this list:

  • Can the devs be trusted? (I have been rugpulled in a few games)
  • Can you actually make any money?
  • And is it fun to play?

So these aren’t necessarily THEE BEST games out there, but they are my favorite for various reasons. I will write about the other games in the coming weeks, this is just about my #1.


This is not a sponsored post, I am not rewarded for promoting it and I don’t receive any affiliate commission on it, it’s just my favorite game…


Currently my favorite P2E game is Castles NFT. It is simple yet fascinating at the same time. A few major points for me:

  • I trust the devs 100% completely
  • There are so many ways to play it and none are the wrong way
  • Great community
  • Multiple ways to make money

A bit more detail on those statements…

  1. The devs are fully doxxed, use their real names and faces in video AMA’s, almost always available in the Discord chat, and have their LinkedIn profiles available.
  2. You can simply buy land and earn reoccurring passive income off it, or you can delve deeper into the game and make money in a variety of ways, including selling NFTs on the marketplace, and there are always buyers.
  3. The community in the Discord is excellent, no spam or childishness that you get in many crypto groups, jut a bunch of adults discussing the details and economics of the game.
  4. As mentioned there are many different options to make an income in he game.



The first step is to buy some land, and land is currently extremely cheap; you can pick up a farm for less than $2. These lands will constantly produce MSOURCE for you every ingle hour, completely passively. You can then exchange the MSOURCE to WAX at Alcor Exchange, and you can then exchange WAX into any crypto of your choice such as USDT, BTC, BNB etc.

Each basic land earns players a certain amount of msource token.

The six basic lands and their hourly msource earnings are:

By merging lands (say from a farm to a ranch) the player has a chance at bonus rewards.

In addition, players who own castles will also earn a daily royal seal (1 royal seal a day to start).

Since royal seals are a fundamental ingredient in farms, crafts and Baron recharges with a $5 base cost, this makes Castles highly desirable game assets (note, land merging does NOT have a royal seal cost).


Barons are one of the scarcest, most valuable parts of the Castles ecosystem. Every single day a Royal Baron will mint one land for you. There is no limit to the amount of barons someone can own and use, but there is a supply limit to total barons existing.

The Baron total supply is limited and by the end of 2022 only 1,872 Royal Barons will exist.


Wonders are one of the most exciting aspects of the Castles NFT economy, they allow players to have a stake earning from the public uses of the in-game economy.


Dungeoning is the last expansion to the game where you will fight monsters. You defeat monsters and open their chests to earn treasuresource, avatars, equipment and wealth NFTs (like gold bars, jewelry that convert to treasuresource!).


There is so much more to the game, I would suggest just buying a few lands to get started and then learn as you go along.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.


The game is on the Wax blockchain so first you will need to set up a wax wallet.

The easiest way to instantly create a Wax wallet is to use the browser-based Wax Wallet (you set it up at

You can create an account with one click using Facebook, Google, Steam, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Twitch, or other social accounts. Most Wax dApps use this Wax Wallet as a login option. A public wallet ID will be created for you automatically, something like abcd.wam. This is the ID you’ll want to give anyone sending you Wax or NFTs.

After you log into Wax Wallet for the first time, click on Settings > Security and enable 2-Factor Authentication. This adds a needed layer of security to your wallet to prevent anyone from stealing your account. It’s vital that you do not skip this step when setting up your wallet.

Get your WAX address and send some funds to it (can send from exchanges such as Binance or Gate or most others).


Then go to the marketplace at:

Buy your first land.


Go to and see your land displayed and you will soon your Msource accumulating. Click the “Claim” button to update your earnings.


· I’m not a financial advisor. This is not a financial advice, whatever you read in my articles are strictly for educational purposes. There are some affiliate links.

  • I only endorse projects that I have personally invested in.
  • My two best farmers/miners to date have been The Farmhouse and Croc’s Nest.


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