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I have three Pepper Attack NFTs to give away, one each to three different people, details are later in the article.

I joined the Pepper Attack family very early on in their journey in 2021. I remember the main thing that initially attracted me to the game was reading that Mystic Peppers would passively mine Myte (an ERC-20 token) and that there would be a finite amount of these Mytic Peppers ever minted making them scarce and, hopefully, more valuable as the game’s eco-system grew.

So that’s what brought me into the game, but since that time I have come to enjoy so much more about the project. The game creators are highly visible, transparent and constantly engaged with many video AMAs, competitions, giveaways and just general chatting in the Discord server.

Playing the Game

Basically the steps to start playing are as follows:

  1. Go to the website and mint your Pepper NFTs (or choose the free option)

2. Create a game account

3. Start playing.

The game features both PvE and PvP. You need to mint some Pepper NFTs to play the game, however there is also a free version to start playing for those who don’t want to spend any money.

There are various types of Peppers that you can mint. As I mentioned you can start with free Peppers if you choose to, or you can go for the more powerful Peppers right from the start — this is the route I chose.

Hero Peppers

These ones are stronger than the free Peppers and only cost around $29. To win a Hero Pepper you can enter the contest at the bottom of this article.

Genesis Peppers

These are the most powerful Peppers and they cost around $89 each. There are only 2000 Genesis Peppers.

Mystic Peppers

These are the only Peppers that can passively mine you Myte. A total of 8000 Mystic Peppers were minted and you can’t mint them anymore, but you can pick them up on the secondary market.

I currently have seven Mystic Peppers which are continuously mining Myte for me.

Here’s a screenshot of me exchanging the Myte for USDC.

Seasons for PvE and PvP

Players are ranked on different leaderboards based on their performance during a season. Top players will get lucrative MYTE rewards at the end of the season.

In PvE players explore the map in Adventure mode, fighting against various critters, and discover valuable items, earning daily Rations.

Exploring the Map
Fighting in Adventure Mode

For PvP players go to the Lion Tavern and “drink a beer” which means take on another team. You have 20 free “beers” (fights) per day.

Winning my first PvP battle

I started the season late, but I’m slowly creeping up the leaderboard 😄


At the end of each season players will receive rewards in the form of Myte. As I mentioned at the start of the article Myte is an ERC-20 token which can be traded on exchanges such as SushiSwap.

Mystic Peppers also mine Myte.

Myte can also be used to purchase in-game boosts; this acts as a good burning mechanism to support the token value as well.

In a Battle

All Peppers have the following stats:

ATK: Determines damage output.

DEF: Determines the amount of armor.

VIT: Determines hit points.

ENR: Determines the energy gained during battle.

EVA: Determines the attack’s accuracy and evasion rate.

CRIT: Determines both the rates of dealing critical attacks and blocking them.

SPD: Determines the combat order.

You can also boost your stats using Stims. Stims can be bought in the game or can be received as rewards while playing.


At the moment there are ten different Peppers, all coming in a range of rarities.


Ambidextrous, Chilli could handle a shortsword or any blade in either hand. While bearing one in each, he will quickly best the most notable foe. Righteous and peace-loving, rarely will Chilli start a fight, but given a chance, won’t hesitate to finish one either.

Primary Stat: ATK

Special Skill: Flash Slash

Chilli dashes forward, dealing damage to all enemies along the way.



The only thing that excites Purira more than cracking a bottle is discovering something new. While her pure curiosity often takes her to dangerous situations, she also has a handful of shenanigans to get out of them.

Primary Stat: EVA

Special Skill: First Aid

Purira draws a potion from her backpack and restores health to the most wounded ally. The heal amount is based on her ENR.



An only child with dogged determination and the love of a good fight, Bell will be the first to grab and pour himself an ale when the pitcher is placed on the table. He is also the first to draw his lance in defense of what he believes in.

Primary Stat: DEF

Special Skill: Holy Protection

Bell transforms his energy into a divine sphere that gives him additional armors.



A deacon educated in the League of Gaia, Ghost prefers to solve a conflict using words and compassion. His desire for peace and harmony is captured in his mastery of white magic, yet it’s storied that he once practiced dark magic as well.

Primary Stat: EVA

Special Skill: Thunder Bolt

Ghost casts a thunderbolt, dealing magical damage to the target. The damage amount is based on his ENR.



Tall and strong yet wiry, Reaper is topped with a fiery red stalk that flows freely as he moves with youthful abandon. With an almost permanent smile on his face, and wearing his emotions on his sleeve like an insignia, Reaper lives for excitement and adventure.

Primary Stat: CRIT

Special Skill: Ghastly Strike

Death has never come as close as when Reaper swings his scythe, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies.



Standing half a head above the others with cold, ochre-colored eyes that never seem to blink, Habanero already seems to tower over lesser men. When wrapped by or spreading his near impenetrable wings, he becomes a veritable giant, neither to be approached nor spoken to without a proper invitation.

Primary Stat: VIT

Special Skill: Life Steal

Habanero deals damage to the target and heals himself at the same time. The heal amount is based on VIT.



A wise druid who has devoted her life to protecting nature while mastering the arts of brewing & alchemy, you can find almost any potion in her hut. Secretive about her past, legend says she was raised by a mythical beast and can speak with any animal.

Primary Stat: ENR

Special Skill: Enliven

Aurora buffs 200 energy toward two random allies, allowing them to use their skills faster.



The innkeeper of the legendary Lion Tavern, Leona is loved and respected for her bravery and generosity. People talk about the laughs and free beers Leona shares with her customers. However, if someone doesn’t follow the tavern rules, the loudest talking will be from her gigantic axe!

Primary Stat: DEF

Special Skill: Seismic Slam

Leona slams her target and stuns all nearby enemies with her giant axe.



The princess of Kazya is anything but a damsel in distress. Kasin joined the Sand warriors from a young age to learn how her people live and protect their homeland. She is an excellent archer, but it’s her beautiful ritual dance that earns her the title Flower of the Desert.

Primary Stat: ATK

Special Skill: Split Shot

By channeling her energy into her bow, Kasin can fire multiple arrow towards all the enemies at once.



As one of the brightest Peppers of the land, Asami oversees and coordinates scholars at the Genesis Tower to conduct research across the land. Behind that soft appearance is a mighty sorcerer who has familiarized herself with thousands of the ancient spells known to Pepper kind.

Primary Stat: ENR

Special Skill: Twin Stars

Asami invokes two stars that deal magical damage to the target and its neighbour. The damage amount is based on ATK.


Go enjoy the game!

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How to Win a Hero Pepper!

Go to the GiveLab contest here:


The more steps you complete the more entries you get for the competition!

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Additional Things to Note:

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, the information in this article is for educational purposes only. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose. I disclaim any liability or loss incurred by any person who acts on the information, ideas, or strategies discussed in my articles. Do Your Own Research.

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